About HUB8's Affiliate Program

HUB8 is a global web hosting company helping brands and individuals easily set-up a website and maintain an online presence. Our vision and focus is to make it possible for everyone to have a personal or business website without worrying about the costs.

We pay 15% commission on every sales made by clients referred to us by our affiliate, for a period of one year after the first sale:

  • any type of sale — new purchases, upgrades and renewals;
  • any product — domains, website builder, wordpress hosting, cpanel hosting.

How HUB8’s referral program
is different from the competitors?

Commission for every product

We pay commission for all the products - domains, website builder, wordpress and cpanel hosting.

30-Day Referral Cookie

We still link customer to you even if it comes back and signs up a month after initial visit.

Commission for Renewals

We also pay for renewals and upgrades during one year (most of the competitors don't pay for renewals at all).

Rich set of promo materials

We provide you with text snippets and banners. Just ask us if you need something specific.

Earn on the unique product - Free Web Hosting


HUB8 is different from other traditional web hosts. We offer free web hosting plan to our customers in emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Most people in these countries postpone launching a website due to the investments involved.

But as the website grows, a customer can decide to switch to paid plans which are rather cheap but offer much more storage space and unlimited traffic.

The good news for you as an affiliate is that you will receive a commission for this upgrade.

You don't need a high-traffic blog or website to start selling!


You have nothing to worry about, you can still promote our products, across all social media and apps such as (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, BBM etc).

All you simply need to do is to post your uniquely customized affiliate link across all this networks, with little but well constructed details across your pages on the networks. Your affiliate links can also be added to the footer of every email message you send out.

All this is just to ensure that your earning increases so you can cash out bountifully.