- According to the GEM project, over 400,000,000 people around the world are engaged in entrepreneurial activities.
- 14% of the working-age population of the United States are entrepreneurs.

.BIZ domain registration shows you are all about business. Plus it allows you to have a site name with an unusual and memorable web address which will help to attract new customers and partners.

For business schools and universities

For you to rank higher in the modern day business world. Owing a business school degree or certification is of optimum importance. These translate to a lot of university and institution starting a business school. If you are an owner of an institution with a business orientation, the .BIZ domain is exactly what you need. 


For companies

Attract customers, conduct transactions, develop your brand and enter into profitable business alliances.


For B2B companies

Registering.BIZ domain is a great way to show that selling goods and providing services to other companies is the main activity of your organization.  


For online business blogs

Attract new readers to discuss all the subtleties of management, marketing, accounting and other necessary business skills that is needed in the real world.


For what is suitable?
  • Businesses
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